Luffys style

  Battling Style   Ace Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Luffy's battling style has demonstrated to be pretty versatile and adaptable, which directly results from his Gomu no Mi, which transforms him into an elastic man and is enhanced by his gigantic actual ability. In contrast to Zoro and Sanji, his battling style isn't based on simple combative techniques but is practically self-trained and made do. How old is luffy ? In any case, Luffy has demonstrated to be equipped for battling against hand-to-hand fighting specials like Rob Lucci. In fights, he utilized a few strategies going from innovative and strange counterattacks strategies list is available on theinfotrunk and procedures against experienced enemies who contemplated whether or not he was not kidding like Crocodile when Luffy became Water Luffy. He made a few distinct strategies dependent on his Gomu no Mi, notwithstanding his Second, Third, and Fourth Gears, which gave him an edge in battle.